I have worked across Australia, the Pacific, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and the Americas – as CEO, Senior Executive, Board Member and Founder. It is a privilege to lead organisations and energise people’s movements and an inspiration to work with wise, talented people in so many places. There is much joy to be had as we learn from each other.

A shout out to everyone at Schumacher College, OASES Graduate School and Stanford University because my studies in sustainability; dispute resolution and systems thinking enriched my life beyond measure. I have a BA DipEd, Masters in Social Change and Sustainability and an Honorary Doctorate from Macquarie University for social policy, innovation and leadership. A trained mediator and educator in Conflict Resolution skills, I learnt from the visionary Stella Cornelius and her work has guided all that has followed. If you need it, my LinkedIn profile will tell you more.

I love being deeply immersed in community and organisational life. Helping people know and play to their strengths is what I love. Enabling organisations to see their vision come alive is one of mine and a love of networking – linking people to sustainable impact is another.

Many of us have chosen to be the change we want to see in the world. I believe we are never alone on this journey. “Dancing on shifting sands” is part of the deal and staying close to our fellow travellers essential.