Mentor and education services

For over twenty-five years, I have been part of a powerful leadership journey working across four continents. It has been an absolute privilege to lead and work alongside talented, highly experienced individuals and teams. Along with my postgraduate studies, I have been deeply immersed in human psychology, group dynamics, community and organisational behaviour, and I am now in a position to support you with your own journey.

By way of background, as well as leading iconic national and international organisations for over 25 years, I earned a BA DipEd; Masters in Social Change and Sustainability and a Honorary Doctorate for my work in social policy, innovation and leadership. I am an accredited facilitator of Team Management Systems; a trained mediator and Conflict Resolution Skills educator.

I love helping people understand their strengths in life and at work. If you are looking for a coach or mentor, a listening ear or a guide, I am available for you. If are wanting your team to learn the skills of conflict resolving behaviour and high performing teams, I am ready to help.

So do email me on and we can make time for our first conversation.


Know that the world is full of inspiration and choose to be part of all that surrounds and supports you. You see, inspiration is always there, it exists in the here and now. If it is hard to find, you may just need someone to help open your heart and mind, to listen, and walk alongside you for a time.


Which gates will you open and which will you close? Sometimes you just need someone to listen and reflect back on the choices you have made and the ones you need to make going forward. I have learnt that knowing and playing to your strengths will be your winning strategy going forward..


There is always a light to guide your path. When all seems dark, stay focused. You are not lost, light a candle, watch for the dawn, and continue one step at a time. Your focus will be your strength going forward. You are not alone – there are many of us who also choose to be the change we want to see in the world..

Let’s create your future.