Fiji I miss you

Red ‘flame’ trees and fairy lights dotted along the Suva foreshore; road work teams shouting “Bula” and helping me cross a busy road; upfront in your face honesty; the bluest of oceans; the greyest of skies. Finding out that what I thought were lilies growing in my garden were pineapples. Being immersed in more shades of lime green than I ever thought possible.

Lots of reverse parking assistance when I drive a very large 4WD; compliments on new makeup; laughter everywhere following the best jokes; being welcomed into the ongoing conversation of life and all that matters; security guards who walk me out under umbrellas; friendly supermarkets and taxi drivers who find and return my purse; lean in dinners with the smartest sassiest women; so many palm trees. Driving next to the sea. Lashes of salt water as I bump over the ocean to a far away island I can only just see. Sunsets that are too hard to put into words. Friends who will always be family.

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