Fiji I miss you

Red ‘flame’ trees and fairy lights dotting the Suva foreshore, road work teams shouting “Bula” and stopping traffic as I crossed busy roads, everywhere upfront in your face honesty. The bluest of oceans, the greyest of skies. Finding what I thought were lilies in my garden were pineapples. Wallowing in more shades of green than I thought possible.

Reverse parking help from strangers when I drive the largest 4WD, compliments anytime I try a new look, laughter everywhere, the best jokes, being welcome in ongoing conversations about life, security guards walking me under umbrellas, friendly supermarkets, taxi drivers who find and return my belongings;, lean-in dinners with the smartest sassiest women. So many palm trees. Driving next to the sea. Lashes of salt water as I crash through waves to far away unseen islands. Sunsets too beautiful for words. Friends who are now family.

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