The sound of inspiration

The night of the US Presidency acceptance speech, I did not hear the sheer breathlessness, the iconic oratory of Obama but rather the soulful repeating of age old truths by a man whose tenacity is an inspiration. When Biden finished speaking, I thought he looked a little lost – his family were in the wings and he wanted them close – because family is never to be taken for granted. Joe Biden brought his country and our world a great deal closer tonight.

The solid hard won wisdom of Joe Biden we heard deep in our hearts – hearts in need of relief from the yelling and the rhetoric of division.

We saw the enthusiasm of Kamala Harris with her break out smiles, we listened to her intelligence and felt hope.

Later still, I saw gentle tears falling down news commentator Van Jones’ cheek, and heard his words , “It is easier to be a parent this morning …” Easier to talk to your kids about character, about how character matters.”