Leadership – the not so easy choices

Leadership may sound like a noun, however it experienced by others as a verb. Leadership involves actions, delivered moment by moment, building up over time. It moves forward as a marathon. Leading is your daily decisions and actions. And your goal is to build goodwill and engagement, rather than angst or disenchantment. This of course will depend on the style of leadership that you choose. The ‘go to’ strategy you are using in response to immediate demands and long term needs.

And there are many choices. There are theories and frameworks; styles and preferences. There are principles and values; approaches and skills. There are simple ones like, ‘build trust’ or the ‘ten or more steps’ approach outlined in 200+ page books. You can podcast; YouTube; Zoom or webinar leadership.

I’d suggest a good night’s sleep, a healthy sense of scepticism mixed with humour and time for reflection is also part of the mix.

Because it is a mix. Leading a team, an organisation or a country is increasingly complex in a world that has turned ‘normal operating procedure’ on its head. Differing styles of national leadership are on full display from the Donald Trump end to the Jacinda Ardern end of the spectrum. These styles play out at every level in all other work and community environments.

We are developing a new normal in a world running at a fast pace. In a world where the challenges and crisis are not just arriving back to back but overlapping in real time. Our choices reflect our values, our health and our current stress. As leaders we bring our understanding of what is needed in the small spaces and the big places. We are leading teams, organisations, communities to be stronger, wiser and more resilient.

From one perspective, leadership may seem like a noun but it is always experienced by others as a verb. Why do we need to know this? Because moment by moment, our style of leading is a choice.


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